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Korean J. Pl. Taxon > Volume 33(2); 2003 > Article
Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy 2003;33(2): 165-179.
doi: https://doi.org/10.11110/kjpt.2003.33.2.165
한국산 앉은부채 (Symplocarpus renifolius Schott ex Miquel, 천남성과)의 수분기작
홍석표, 손재천
Pollination of Symplocarpus renifolius Schott ex Miquel (Araceae) in Korea
Seog Pyo Hong, Jae Cheon Son
The pollination system of Symplocarpus renifolius Schott ex Miquel was investigated in the natural population of Korea. The various arthropods of 15 species, 10 families, 5 orders, 2 classes (mainly Diptera) visited on the flowers of S. renifolius, and captured during the visitation. The dipterous insects were considered as the most effective pollen vector but there were no legitimate pollinators which have associated specially with S. renifolius. All visitors having feeding activity on the flower fed on pollens of S. renifolius. The visitation frequency had a peak at 3-4 PM and no visitor was recognized in night time. The flowers of S. renifolius last over a week and they are protogynous. It is also confirmed that the flower of S. renifolius is self-incompatible and cross-pollination by vectors is critical for successful seed setting. In the estimation of thermometric changes in air (Ta) and spathe (Ts), the changing range of Ts was less than that of Ta by 3.6℃, which suggest that spathe provide more stable thermal environment to arthropods. In the observation of the floral structures, the possibility to lower autogamy were recognized in the shapes of anther, perianth and spadix of S. renifolius. The trapping effect of wandering arthropods was suggested as another role of spathe. The floral parts in most investigated individuals of S. renifolius were damaged by Jay (Garrulus glandarinus). The conservation strategies (in situ) based on the reproductive vulnerabilities of S. renifolius, which were induced from random visitation of arthropods and destruction of floral parts by wild animals were briefly proposed.
KeyWords: SEM, Symplocarpus renifolius, pollination mechanism, floral structure, Diptera, conservation strategy, in situ
주요어: 앉은부채, 수분기작, 꽃구조, 파리목, 보존전략, 현지내
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