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In this issue:

The paleovegetation at Dongdo of Dokdo Is., Korea
Soon Ock Yoon , Sang Ill Hwang
Two naturalized plants of Lespedeza (Leguminosae) in Korea: L. Lichiyuniae & L. davidii
Jeong Eun Han , Byoung Hee Choi
Selaginella heterostachys Baker (Selaginellaceae): first report for Korea
Chang Shook Lee , You Sung Kim , Nam Sook Lee
A short record for the distribution of 4 rare plants
Hyun Deok Son , Dong Hyeon Kim , Hyoung Tak Im
A new natural habitat of Abeliophyllum distichum Nakai
Dong Kap Kim , Joo Hwan Kim
The taxonomic consideration of achene morphology in Bidens L. (Asteraceae) in Korea
Sun Yu Kim , Suk Pyo Hong
The first record of Gentianopsis (Gentianaceae) in Korea: G. contorta (Royle) Ma
Seong Jin Ji , Yoon Young Kim , Byoung Un Oh
Corydalis caudate (Lam.) Pers. (Fumariaceae): An unrecorded species of corydalis in Korea
Jin Seok Kim , Gang Hyeop Lee , Sang Yong Kim , Jae Hong Pak
Carex miyabei Franchet. (Cyperaceae) and its distribution in Korea
Hyoung Tak Im , Kyu Sick Kim , Byeong Un Oh
Cuticle micromorphology of Leaves of Quercus L. (Fagaceae) and its taxonomic implications
Seong Ho Cho , Ki Joong Kim , Chong Wook Park , Byung Yun Sun , Myong Gi Chung , Jae Hong Pak
The morphology of Thalictrum L. in Korea
Seong Jun Park , Seon Joo Park
Spore morphology of Korean Thelypteridaceae
Su Mi Moon , Byung Yun Sun
A taxonomic study on the spikelet morphology of Korean Poa L. (Poaceae)
Su Young Jung , Gyu Young Chung
The first record of Bidens radiata var. radiata in Korea
Suk Pyo Hong , Sun Yu Kim
Taxonomic review of Cymopterus melanotilingia (H. Boissieu) C. Y. Yoon in Apiaceae
Ja Choon Koo , Mu Yeol Kim
Comparative study of fruit wall structure in Lapsana L. and Lapsanastrum J. H. Pak & K. Bremer (Asteraceas; Lactuceae)
Jae Hong Pak , Kyung Choi , Motomi Ito
Phylogenetic relationships of Coryloideae based on waxy and atpB-rbcL sequences
Ki Oug Yoo , Jun Wen
Seed morphology of Euphorbia section Zygophyllidium and related taxa
Sun Mi Jin , Ki Ryong Park
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