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Korean J. Pl. Taxon > Volume 33(2); 2003 > Article
Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy 2003;33(2): 135-149.
doi: https://doi.org/10.11110/kjpt.2003.33.2.135
엽맥상에 의한 한국산 대극속(Euphorbia L., Euphorbiaceae)의 분류학적 연구
정규영, 오병운, 박기룡, 김주환, 김미숙, 장창기
Taxonomic study of Korean Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiaceae) by leaf venation
Gyu Yeong Jeong, Byeong Un O, Gi Lyong Park, Ju Hwan Kim, Mi Sug Kim, Chang Gi Jang
Leaf venation about 13 taxa of Korean Euphobia L. was investigated to estimate its taxonomic significance. Subgenus Chamaesyce was distinguished from subgenes Esula by palmatoid type of secondary vein divergence at leaf base, narrow gaps among three traces at leaf base and fusion of marginal ultimate vein. E. pekinensis, E. fauriei and E. jolkini of sect. Tulocarpa in subgenus Esula were different from the other taxa by the massive size of mid vein and incomplete development of areoles. Divergence angles of secondary veins in E. ebracteolata and E. pallasii of sect. Tithymalus and E. lucorum of sect. Tulocarpa were nearly uniform, upper sencondary veins in E. jolkini of sect. Tulocarpa were more acute than lower, but in the other taxa, upper secondary veins were more obtuse than lower. E. helioscopia of sect. Helioscopiae in subgenus Esula and taxa in subgenus Chamaesyce were grouped by serrulate of leaf margin, but E. maculata was distinguished from E. humifusa and E. supina by protection of last vein to serration. Also, the phylogenetic trend of leaf venation was inferred by palmatoid or pinnate type of secondary vein divergence at leaf base, fusion of marginal ultimate vein and serrulate of leaf margin. As above results, leaf venation of Korean Euphorbia was found to be a good character in delimiting above sections or some species.
KeyWords: Euphorbia, leaf venation, secondary vein, marginal ultimate vein
주요어: 대극속, 엽맥상, 이차맥, 엽연 최종맥
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