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Original Articles
A new species of Hedysarum (Fabaceae, Hedysareae) from Xizang (Tibet), China
Byoung Hee Choi , Yasuhiko Endo , Xiang Yun Zhu
Distribution and morphological characteristics of Scopolia japonica Maxim. in Korea
Chang Gee Jang , Myung Soon Park , Bo Mi Nam , Hubert H. Pak , Jeong Ae Eom , Gyu Young Chung
Distribution of five rare plants in Korea
Sung Won Son , Byung Chun Lee , Hyung Ho Yang , Ye Joo Seol
The moss flora of Mt. Deogyu in Korea
Young Jun Yoon , Chul Hwan Kim , Konstantin V. Gorobets , Byung Yun Sun
A new record for Korean flora: Scutellaria tuberifera C. Y. Wu & C. Chen (Lamiaceae)
Chan Soo Kim , Soo Young Kim , Gwang Ok Byun
A newly recorded naturalized species in Korea: Prunus speciosa (Koidz.) Nakai (Rosaceae, Prunoideae)
Chan Soo Kim , Myung Ok Moon , Soo Young Kim
Taxonomic status of three taxa of Elsholtzia (E. hallasanensis, E. springia, and E. splendens var. fasciflora) (Lamiaceae) based on molecular data
Chang Shook Lee , Kung Ae Hwang , Jin Ok Kim , Hyoung Min Suh , Nam Sook Lee
Sciaphila nana Blume (Triuridaceae): Unrecorded species from Korean flora
Eun Young Yim , Moon Hong Kim , Gwan Pil Song
Triadenum breviflorum (Hypericaceae): First report in Korea
Ji Hyeon So , Myoung Jun Kim , Nam Sook Lee
Morphological multivariate analyses of Isodon excisus complex (Lamiaceae) in Korea
Sang Tae Kim , Youn Ju Ma
Unrecorded Liverwort species from Korean flora: Alobiellopsis parvifolius (Cephaloziaceae), Calypogeia japonica (Calypogeiaceae), Hattoria yakushimensis (Lophoziaceae), Nardia subclavata (Solenostomataceae)
Seung Se Choi , Vadim A. Bakalin , Chul Hwan Kim , Byung Yun Sun
Unrecorded moss species from Korean flora II
Young Jun Yoon , Chul Hwan Kim , Konstantin V. Gorobets , Byung Yun Sun
Chromosome numbers of eight taxa of Aconitum L. in Korea and their systematic significance (Ranunculaceae)
Kyong Sook Chung , Bo Mi Nam , Myung Soon Park , Jeong Ae Eom , Byoung Un Oh , Gyu Young Chung
The taxonomic status of Angelica purpuraefolia and its allies in Korea: Inferences based on ITS molecular phylogenetic analyses
Byoung Yoon Lee , Myoung Hai Kwak , Jeong Eun Han , Se Jung Kim
Preliminary search of intraspecific chloroplast DNA variation of nine evergreen broad Leaved plants in East Asia
Jung Hyun Lee , Byoung Yoon Lee , Byoung Hee Choi
Gynodioecy and floral dimorphism of Glechoma Longituba (Nakai) Kuprian. (Lamiaceae) in Korea
Tae Soo Jang , Suk Pyo Hong
Genetic structure and population differentiation of endangered Scrophularia takesimensis (Scrophulariaceae) in Ulleung Island, Korea
Sun Mi Ma , Yong Seok Lim , Sung Tae Na , Jun Lee , Hyun Chur Shin
Palynological contributions to the taxonomy of family Oleaceae, with special empahsis on genus Forsythia (tribe Forsytheae)
Sang Tae Lee
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